MooTools 1.2.1 Released

Written By Tom Occhino, on Thursday, October 16th 2008, 4:02pm

In keeping with our new pledge to release more often, we’ve been working hard lately to get 1.2.1 ready for release, and we’re finally happy with it. This release brings a ton of bug fixes, and is a drop in replacement for 1.2.0. (That’s right, no breaking changes!)

What’s new?

Element.Properties.html (element.set('html', html);) now works even with select and table elements in Internet Explorer. Element:clone is also now faster than ever, and retains the values of form elements being cloned. A lot of work has also been done to fix some bugs in Class.js, and Safari 2 support is now back. With the help of Daniel Steigerwald, we’ve also cleaned up quite a few memory leaks in IE related to events and Element storage, and destroyed elements are now more effectively destroyed.

For a complete list of changes, see the changelog on GitHub…


What’s next?

We are going to keep going through all the tickets, and try to start fixing the bugs that have cropped up with some of the plugins. 1.2.2 might also see a few new features as we start preparing for some exciting changes and additions we have planned for 1.3.

MooTools 1.2 will be the last version of MooTools to support Safari 2 and Opera 9.5. These browsers have been advancing at a tremendous pace, and have a user base which updates regularly, so we don’t think this will be much of an issue when the time comes. Note that you don’t need to worry about this for quite some time yet because 1.3 is a long way off, but we just thought this was a good place to let everyone know.

44 Responses to “MooTools 1.2.1 Released”

  1. nfq says:

    Great Tom. Glad things are moving forward more swiftly now! Go MooTools and great work dev team!

  2. procyon says:

    Awesome :D Great news Tom. Thanks to all the dev team and Daniel. Keep up the great job!

  3. Jay says:

    Does this mean Google will finally be able to host v1.2.1 on their JS frameworks service?

  4. tomocchino says:

    Should be up within the next day or two, Jay.

  5. Danillo César says:

    Congratulations to all developers, MooTools is the best framework.

  6. Dimitry Z says:

    You rock! Congrats on the hard work.

  7. Ryan Rampersad says:

    Glad to see mootools 1.2.1! I’m also excited to see it get onto google’s hosting. Great work every one!

  8. Garrick Cheung says:

    Great job MooTools developers!

  9. Pablo says:

    Great work guys! :)

  10. virtualgadjo says:

    Wow, here comes the sun ! great, huge thanks, and… well, can’t find out the words to say how happy a new moo makes me each time, something like a kid at Xmas maybe :) Keep going.

  11. Smir says:

    Do you really mean Opera 9.5? Opera 9.6 is only out since one month… and I don’t think there was a great difference in JS support between 9.5 and 9.6.

    If you meant Opera 8.5, which is 2 years old, I can understand… but not with 9.5 :)

  12. Rendez says:

    This is being great, I missed the lack of SF2 support but other than that… how’s clone even faster? Just curious.

  13. cfenzo says:

    Excellent!Great work! we’ll be upgrading our sites with the new version starting monday :D And what a perfect timing, one the same day I’m about to introduce MooTools to my class :D

  14. Tom says:

    That’s great! :) Thanks to everybody involved!

  15. Phillip says:

    set(‘html’,html) with selects on IE it’s a good news

  16. Daimon says:

    Yeah, do you have any performance comparison charts? “even faster” isn’t precise at all :)

  17. Jan Kassens says:

    @Rendez: We completely rewrote the clone, it now uses the native .removeAttributes, and .mergeAttributes, instead of copying each attribute.

    @Smir: It’s still a long way until MooTools 1.3. We will most likely release a 1.2.2 and if needed even a 1.2.3 before that. Furthermore Opera has an incredible upgrade rate and dropping Safari 2 and Opera 9.5 will allow us to remove some bigger hacks, so yeah, we meant 9.5

  18. dc says:

    Really glad and excited about this release. Hope these minor updates and bug fixes come more frequently. Congrats on another solid release!

  19. Daniel Steigerwald says:

    I suppose Tomocchino meant Opera version < 9.5, because 9.5 uses same engine as 9.6. Rendez, if you are curious how could be clone faster, and also much reliable, take a look at source.

  20. Jakub says:

    This is great guys! Thanx :) Looking forward to see it in the Google “repo” :)

  21. nunzio fiore says:

    We was waiting for something like that. great

  22. Dave Woodwater says:

    Awesome. I really love working with your framework and the last release and forum closing gave me the impression support was dropping.


  23. René Penner says:

    jipi grat features … and now my mootools stuff works on safari too

  24. Dr.Death says:

    Hip-hip hurray! :)

  25. fredjc says:

    Thanks for all the work getting safari 2 supported for this release.

  26. tomocchino says:

    @Daniel Steigerwald I meant 9.5, since 9.6 adds support for the caller property of functions. Again, no need to worry about this for a long time.

    About clone, we now use the native cloneNode with a little extra work so we no longer need to clone all attributes of each child recursively. We just clone once and clean up the children. (Jan meant we use IE’s clearAttributes method, not removeAttributes..)

  27. colinroache says:

    And let me guess, still no safari 4 support?

  28. Nicolas says:

    Great news! Reading your code is like reading a book, congrats again for this great framework!

  29. omtv says:

    Bravo! Thank you guys. It’s so good to have mootools.

  30. Bob says:

    “This […] is a drop in replacement for 1.2.0. (That’s right, no breaking changes!)”

    I just want to thank all the devs for this. Thanks!

  31. LM says:

    2Q. 1. will you plan, to make some things faster and/or smaller like collect by selectors and other? 2. will you change api in v1.3 again?

    thku guys your works are incredible awesome!

  32. Chaffe says:

    guys, I can say this on behalf of all the community, thank you so much for your hard work. We all appreciate it very much. I’ve been trying to think of ways of saying “thank you” in something other than words. we should have a section here on the official site where we can buy mootools t-shirts, mugs, etc… as a way to support our framework and contribute a little.

  33. Luca says:

    Dopo un intera settimana persa a cercare la causa di malfunzionamenti assurdi in tutto il mio sito scopro che la nuova versione dei mootools non è retrocompatibile con la precedente (!!!) Il che significa che tutto il codice sviluppato su un migliaio di siti web (tra cui il mio) è diventato assolutamente inutile. Cito dal sito di “alcuni namespace sono stati modificati. Le classi Fx.Base, Fx.Style ed Fx.Styles sono diventate rispettivamente Fx, Fx.Tween ed Fx.Morph. Le classi XHR, Ajax e JSON.Remote sono ora Request, Request.HTML e Request.JSON. “. Bella CAVOLATA che avete fatto, complimenti. Grazie tante… e addio. Luca

  34. Rendez says:

    @Chaffe: a few mootoolers own t-shirts or caps, it was never popularized though, but ask digitarald, he will give you the info to get one (if he’s in sharing mode on). Event though the idea is cool, in the way of appreciation for the hard-work, I don’t think any of the members have the time to work on the merchandise of mootools :P

  35. Rendez says:
  36. Pierre says:

    Thanks guys for your hard work, long life to Mootools!!!

  37. subi says:

    This is very nice guy…..

  38. Jesse Donat says:

    Great work! I will be glad to see more common releases as there have been points where I questioned whether or not it was even being worked on any more. You really need more blogs posts just to let the community know you’re still alive!

  39. Eugene says:

    I am seaching for some idea to write in my blog… somehow come to your blog. best of luck. Eugene

  40. Robert Liljedahl says:

    Fantastic work.

  41. EyePulp says:

    Out of curiosity, why did google never host 1.2?

  42. Steve says:

    it’s great, but i can’t understand, is mootols 1.2(1.2.1) RLY faster then 1.1. sometimes 1.1. demos looks more smoothy, but i can’t understand why :(

  43. gonchuki says:

    Excellent! :) just in time for the launch of the latest site i’ve been working on.

  44. keif says:

    I’m with EyePulp - Google’s still not got the new moo up - is there anything we as a community (or myself) can do to help?